Message from Principal

To learn is to change. Education is
a process that changes the learner.
- George Leonard


Time flies……….. and in the wink of an eye, we are back with a beautiful garland of thoughts, activities, pictures and ideas all strung together in the school website. As I look back, I can visualize a feeling of contentment and happiness in the eyes of every student and teacher in my school. The aim and objective of the school has always been to give its pupils a sound moral education along with intellectual, social and physical development that is, holistic growth of both mind and body.

I strongly believe in the words of one of the Greatest Scientist Albert Einstein, “ All that is valuable in the human society, depends upon the opportunity for development accorded to each individual of the society”. We at Aster, help to nurture each individual with immense love and care so that each child grows up morally, ethically, physically strong, joyful, content, knowledgeable, sincere and diligent and eventually bring out the best of their potential in being not only successful individuals of the society, but also meet the day to day challenges of life and help in reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and of course building a good governance and nation.

With the inspiration, encouragement and blessings of the honorable management, constant cooperation and coordination of a hard working group of extremely dedicated teachers and the constant support and advice from a warm and friendly set of parents I move ahead with zeal and enthusiasm to bring up the school to a niche as I know that sky is the only limit and I chase perfection to catch excellence in every sphere and I sail the ship to always reach the proper destination even if the weather is inclement.

With Warm Greetings

Dr. Sharbari Banerjee

Our Branches